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Participation in the BIA of the Big Bend Committees or Council’s is an excellent way to get involved in the Association’s activities!  It also provides great networking opportunities and the chance to support the efforts of the home building industry throughout our surrounding counties.  The following is a list of active committees:

Note: All meeting times are subject to change depending on other scheduled events. 

Committee, Council and Task Force chairs are appointed by the President of the Association.

Vice-Chairs are appointed by the President on the recommendation of the First Vice President and preside over meetings in the absence of the chairman.

Committees are ongoing groups of members that serve to fulfill major objectives of the association’s strategic plan. Councils are forums for particular groups of the membership and serve for those specialized membership needs.

Task Forces are created ad hoc by the board and serve for a short period of time to perform a specific task or project.

Chairs and Vice-Chairs are responsible for working with the Senior Officers and the Executive Officer (EO) while ensuring their group carries out the policies or projects of the Board of Directors assigned to them; work to achieve the association’s objectives that lie within their jurisdiction; provide regular written reports to the Board of Directors on the activities of their group; and communicate with the Senior Officers, the EO, and other council, committee and task group chairs when necessary to carry out the duties of their position or otherwise to fulfill the association’s mission as stated in the strategic plan. Council and Committee chairs are also responsible to ensure their appointment(s), if any, to the Board of Directors are made in a timely manner as outlined in the association’s bylaws.

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 Brian Neely, Chair

This committee started in 2015 to serve as the community outreach for BIA of the Big Bend members where we could provide construction services to the needy, the elderly and disadvantaged homeowners living throughout our community.  

Mission: Builders Care is the non-profit charitable arm of the BIA of the Big Bend. Its mission is to provide emergency repairs and construction services to the elderly, disabled, and economically disadvantaged people who are unable to obtain home repairs through traditional means.



Jack Seitzinger, Chair

This committee is responsible for planning and executing the Fall Skeet Tournament.



Rob Watson, Chair

This committee is responsible for reviewing the monthly financial statements and for providing oversight and stewardship for the Association’s assets.

Finance Committee meets quarterly or as needed.



Mark Kessler & Philip Pomeroy, Co-Chairs

This committee is responsible for planning and executing the annual Saltwater Fishing Tournament.



Farley Maxwell, Chair

This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual Golf Tournament.



Shaun Streetman, Chair

This committee is responsible for identifying critical local, state, and national building industry issues that are relevant to our Builders, Remodelers and Associate Members.  Their focus is to educate our members on specific legislation including codes, mandates, tax, financial, immigration and other issues pertinent to our industry. They oversee meetings with local municipalities and representatives, including City and County Councils and work with the FHBA and NAHB on both state and national legislative issues.



Ward Schuller, Chair

The Membership Committee develops recruitment and retention programs for new and current members. Additionally, this group creates and implements programs and services of value to the membership including Ambassador New Member Orientation; Membership drives and Spike Club. The committee oversees Membership growth via emails and calls to potential, new, and existing members throughout the year.



Amy Banning, Chair

The Parade of Homes Committee develops the upcoming event from Builder Participation to organizing media programs and annual awards dinner.



Bobby Dollar, Chair

The Home & Garden Show Committee develops the event held annually on the first weekend of October at the North FL Fairgrounds. 


Fall Digital Home Show Committee

Mark Kessler, Chair

The Fall Digital Home Show Committee develops the event held annually beginning on November 1st.  




Lara Kuleshova, Chair

The Green Building Council (GBC) is comprised of members of the BIA of the Big Bend who work to promote building green through the use of products and services that include building an energy efficient and healthy home.  GBA annual dues is $75.


Robert Watson, Chair

The Remodelers Council (RMC) is affiliated with the Florida Home Builders Remodelers Council and the NAHB Remodelers Council and provides monthly educational sessions, industry news, updated products and services, discounted fees to the National Remodelers Annual Trade Show, NAHB Remodelers Online Directory and BIA of the Big Bend Annual Showcase Awards program. RMC Annual Dues are $105. 


Please contact Linn Glass at for committee/meeting details or feel free to call us at 850.385.1414.