2017 Associate of the Year

The Tallahassee Builders Association honors an Associate each year who has shown the highest level of brian and bobbycommitment to the association. This year’s recipient is Bobby Dollar of Bobby Dollar Appliance Consultants in Thomasville GA. Mr. Dollar was awarded this honor due to his dedication to all things TBA. He is a supporter of our events; participates as a committee member to Membership and the Parade of Homes; and he serves as a Board member and this past year he worked tirelessly on building our TBA outdoor kitchen where many networking events have taken place and will continue to the place for our members to network.

Proud Sponsor: City of Tallahassee Natural Gas Utility


Past Associate of the Year Winners

2017 Bobby Dollar
2016 Philip Pomeroy
2015 Vicki O’Neil
2014 Mike Roberts
2013 David Perkins
2012 Alan Robison
2011 David Brady
2010 Ellen Forrester
2009 Mike Rogers
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2007 Garth Easton
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2002 Debi Loverlady
2001 Drexal Harris
2000 Chris Austin
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1997 Jean Jackson
1996 Dan Denny
1995 Mark Connor
1994 Bob Carnes
1993 Joe Humphrey
1992 Dave Samsel
1991 Cooper Frye
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1989 Ben Willis
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1987 Kris Powell
1986 Rob Wilson
1985 Eddie Edwards
1984 Roy Hunter
1983 Larry Harris
1982 Ed Hester
1981 Lynn Wollschlager*
1980 Johnny Jordan