2017 Builder of the Year

The Tallahassee Builders Association takes great pride on choosing their recipients of the Builder of the Year Award. When we look back at the builders who have won this award over the years, we quickly see that they are professionals who have made a profound difference not just in our industry but also in our community. As a Builder of the Year we look for those that stand for professionalism and honest, fair dealings with their suppliers and their customers. This year’s Builder of the Year clearly fits that mold. As a successful custom home builder and remodeler in our area, Brandon Jett of Jett Builders has been in business here locally for many years, and his integrity in business made him a natural to serve on local Board of Directors. And in 2016, he stepped up by taking on the role of Secretary mid-year and now is our acting Treasurer. Brandon not serves his association but he serves his community both here and abroad with mission work in Third World nations where he has lead delegations to build homes for the needy.

Brandon Jett

Jett Builders 

Past Builder of the Year Winners:

2015 H.R. ‘Sonny’ Phillips
2014 Doug Barton and Masoud Karimipour
2013 Bill Kimberl
2012 Alan Weekley
2011 Larry Wayne Strickland
2010 Mark Trudeau
2009 Jerry McFarland
2008 Stan Derzypolski2007 Jim Bennett
2006 Robby Hartsfield
2005 Karen Koelemij
2004 Rigsby Jones
2003 Hugh Waller
2002 Billy Owens
2001 Robert Parrish2000 Mark Worley
1999 Kip Carpenter
1998 Tom Vieth
1997 H.R. ‘Sonny’ Phillips
1996 Pat Gridley
1995 Olin Granthum
1994 Bobby Dann1993 Douglas Turner
1992 Gary Gooch*
1991 H.D. Danny Long
1990 Brian Will
1989 David Williams
1988 Edward Dion
1987 Bob Watts1986 Don Wise
1985 Edward Dion
1984 Raney Oven
1983 Betty Harley*
1982 John Koelemij*
1981 Kenneth Scarborough
1980 Jim Brockett

2016 Hall of Fame

The City of Tallahassee Natural Gas Utility is a proud sponsor of the TBA Hall of Fame. Each year, the TBA adds one member to a list of elite individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the local building industry. Selected by the past recipients… which means they have won the admiration and respect of their peers, and are richly deserving on this honor, the 2015 winner was local associate member Garth Easton of Builders FirstSource.

Mr. Easton has served on the TBA Board of Directors for over 15 years and has been a member for over 20. As a member he provided valuable support for one of our longest running special events – the Saltwater Fishing Tournament and has been instrumental in sponsoring events from the Parade of Homes to the Golf Tournament. And perhaps most significantly, he has been a friend, a mentor and dedicated supporter of the association through his commitment to serve the community.

2016 Hall of Fame Inductee

Garth Easton

Builders FirstSource

Past Hall of Fame Inductees:

2015 H.R. ‘Sonny’ Philips
2014 Jerry McFarland
2013 Larry Wayne Strickland
2012 Mark Worley
2011 Drexal Harris
2010 Ronnie Spooner
2009 Lynn Wollschlager
2008 Pepper Ghazvini*
2007 Dave Samsel
2006 Bob Carnes
2005 Kip Carpenter
2004 Karen Koelemij
2002 Lee Everhart
2001 Frank Willis
2000 Neil Butler*
1999 Stan Derzypolski
1998 Jim Maples
1997 Brian Will
1996 Bob Watts
1995 Edward Dion
1994 Earl Cushing
1993 Mat Ryan
1992 Rob Wilson
1991 Paul M. Thompson
1990 Larry Harris
1989 John J. Koelemij*
1988 Pat Gridley
1987 Johnny Jordan

2016 Associate of the Year

The Tallahassee Builders Association honors an Associate each year who has shown the highest level of commitment to the association. This year’s richly deserving recipient is Philip Pomeroy of Prime Meridian Bank. Mr. Pomeroy is serving as our Third Vice President in 2017 but but he has spent many years as a board member and a supporter of the non-dues revenue programs we have created at TBA. Mr. Pomeroy sits on a variety of committees that raise the non-dues income and as a major sponsor of the association he has encouraged his team at Prime Meridian Bank to be involved members.

Philip Pomeroy

Prime Meridian Bank

Past Associate of the Year Winners:

2015 Vicki O’Neil
2014 Mike Roberts
2013 David Perkins
2012 Alan Robison
2011 David Brady
2010 Ellen Forrester
2009 Mike Rogers
2008 Laura Jo Hewitt
2007 Garth Easton
2006 Brian Mills
2005 Deborah Blaisdell
2004 Ron Byrom
2003 Virgil Smith
2002 Debi Loverlady
2001 Drexal Harris
2000 Chris Austin
1999 Kathy Hunter
1998 Glenarva Ryan
1997 Jean Jackson
1996 Dan Denny
1995 Mark Connor
1994 Bob Carnes
1993 Joe Humphrey
1992 Dave Samsel
1991 Cooper Frye
1990 Matt Ryan
1989 Ben Willis
1988 Dottie Speir
1987 Kris Powell
1986 Rob Wilson
1985 Eddie Edwards
1984 Roy Hunter
1983 Larry Harris
1982 Ed Hester
1981 Lynn Wollschlager
1980 Johnny Jordan

2016 President’s Award

2016 President’s Award

Mark Trudeau

Trudeau Fine Homes

2015 Karen Koelemij of Orange State Construction

2014 Co-Winners: Thomas Asbury, Jr. of Premier Fine Homes & Bobby Dollar of Bobby Dollar Appliance Consultants

2015 Volunteer of the Year

2016 Bldr of Year Head Shot

H.R. “Sonny” Phillips

H.R. Phillips Inc.